Certificate of Added Qualification 2024

This course provides advanced level training for Physicians and Mid-Level Providers who are using Cellular, Acellular and Matrix-like Products* in the management of patients with compromised wounds. Clinicians who complete this training and then successfully pass the CAMPs examination will be awarded a CAMPs Certificate of Added Qualification by the American Board of Wound Healing.  This advanced level training and successful attainment of CCAQ recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated clinical skills and knowledge required to optimize outcomes in patients receiving CAMPs.  All certifications obtained through the ABWH are endorsed by the American Professional Wound Care Association.

*CAMPs (previously referred to as skin substitutes or cellular and/or tissue based products)

CAMPs CAQ Course Content:

1 - Introduction to CAMPs 

(Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD) This session will provide an overview of the term CAMPs, discuss the 2022 JWC consensus document, and provide a framework to understand the ingredients and categorization of the diversity of available biomaterials and bioengineering.

2 - Molecular Science of Wound Care 

(Mitch Sanders, PhD / Daniel L. Kapp, MD) This presentation will detail the pathophysiology of skin breakdown and tissue loss, and explain the role of CAMPs in tissue repair and regeneration.

3 - Literature Supporting Effective Utilization of CAMPs

(Stephanie Wu, DPM / William Tettelbach, MD) This lecture will review the literature and present the latest research evidence on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of CAMPs.

4 - Best Practice Standards for CAMPs

(William Tettelbach, MD) This discussion will explain patient assessment and selection, requirement for patient optimization including wound bed preparation and timing of sequential implantation in the application of CAMPs, to ensure optimal clinical outcomes.

5 - Wound Bed Preparation

(Dr. William H. Tettelbach) This lecture will review debridement techniques to optimize wound bed preparation for the proper utilization of CAMPs.

6 - Vascular Assessment and Imaging Technologies to Compliment CAMPs Utilization

This lecture will review the importance of vascular assessment and intervention as well as the use of imaging technologies that can complement and enhance clinical outcomes when using CAMPs - (This topic will be delivered outside of the Summit)

7 - Reimbursement and Documentation 

This presentation will review preauthorization and reimbursement and explain proper documentation requirements (This topic will be delivered outside of the Summit).

CAMPs CAQ Requirements:

All clinicians seeking CAMPs CAQ must complete an application with the ABWH and submit the following information:

1 - Copy of an active State License.

2 - Documentation of active membership and good standing in Professional Wound Care Society (AAWC, ACCWS or APWCA)

3 - A certificate documenting the successful attendance and completion of an APWCA endorsed CCAQ Training Course.

4 -Submission of three actual patient cases which photographically demonstrated successful débridement and document wound bed preparation skills of the applicant.

Once the application is approved the clinician must successfully pass the CCAQ examination administered by the ABWH.

Logistics & Financials:

Didactic Education & Training:  Online or In-Person Training Sponsored jointly by the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA), Wound Central and the Journal of Wound Care (JWC).  Lecture/Content Listed Above. 

WebCME will produce the video content (combination of material captured at CAMPs 2024 (content from Lectures 1-4, 7 above) and additional training modules (Lecture 5 and 6 above), obtain the CME accreditation and host the LMS to provide the on-line content.

- Fee for Didactic Education & Training: Free for all CAMPs Summit attendees(all attendees that attend the 2024 Summit will receive the CAQ for free of charge).

Certification: The ABWH would provide processing and approval of the application, administration of the examination, and awarding of the CAQ certificate for successful candidates.

CAMPs CAQ Inaugural Event: Introduction and First Certification Opportunity - CAMPs Wound Care Summit, March 13-14 2024, Miami, Florida  - Hosted by Journal of Wound Care.

- All Attendees would be offered the opportunity to obtain the CAMPs CAQ for no additional Didactic Educational & Training fee.  Dr. Greg Bohn and Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda to provide additional lectures (5 & 6 above) at breakdown sessions (time TBD).  Attendees would still be required to submit a CAMPs CAQ application to the  ABWH and pass the examination.  The Fee for this inaugural certification would also be waived, but these clinicians would agree to allow their names/photos to be released and to also provide endorsement quotes that will be used for marketing purposes.

- Kent Imaging will be an industry sponsor of this inaugural certification.