Poster Presentations


  • Poster boards will be provided to display poster presentation materials.
  • The display boards that will be available are the US standard of 4’x8’, therefore we are asking for poster dimensions to be 3’x6’ or 4’x8’
  • The title should not extend beyond the poster size.
  • Posters should be prepared as a single poster rather than multiple posters pieced together.

Poster format:

  • The paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
  • A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references (make sure this information is presented in a logical and clear sequence)
  • Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
  • The entire poster layout should be readable from six to ten feet away
  • Optional: Use a QR code on your poster to give the audience more information about your presentation, the chance to connect with you on LinkedIn etc

Poster Appearance:

  • Keep text brief. Report only key aspects of each section (methods, results, discussion, and policy or management implications).
  • Keep figures simple. Convey only one idea per figure, table, or photograph.
  • Figures from publications, theses, or dissertations normally do not make good visuals.
  • Text and figures should be readable to someone standing at a distance of six feet. Charts and graphs should clearly show what you want the audience to see.
  • Use appropriate and compatible colours for fonts, backgrounds, graphics, and matting.
  • White backgrounds generally are best for text.
  • Simple typefaces are preferable to fancy fonts. Bold type may be effective on headings.