Molecular science of wound care

03/13/2024 08:10 - 09:20

(CME Accredited session)

This will look at the pathophysiology of skin breakdown and tissue loss, to explain why tissue repair and regeneration can be achieved with advanced therapies, like CAMPs.

  • Composition and regulatory functions of the extracellular matrix - Mitch Sanders
  • Wnt signaling and its role in injury repairs - Mimi R Borrelli, MBBS, PhD, MSc 
  • Hypoxia-inducible factor in wound healing - Andrew Leask
  • Who is funding basic science in wound repair? How does industry engage these resources? - Daniel L. Kapp
  • Q&A

Mitch Sanders, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, ProDevLabs

Andrew Leask, Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Daniel L. Kapp, M.D, Chief of Plastic Surgery, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center